Bionaza Keratin Hair Treatment – Does It Work?

Bionaza Keratin Hair Treatment – Does It Work?

A couple of days ago I bought my first keratin smoothing treatment online, I got it through, and I just tried it today. It was the Bionaza Keratin Hair Treatment.

It’s not the first time I do a keratin hair treatment at home, a few months ago I did and it turned out a chaos. If you have read other articles here, you already know about the bad experience I had with Bio Ionic Hair Straightening. It ruined my hair and I had to cut it super short and it’s still damaged.

When I went to the salon they did a pretty good job trying to recuperate my hair, but my only option was to cut it.

Keratin Hair Treatment

The Keratin Hair Treatment I Got At The Salon Didn’t Work

After that, I went there for a second time, to get a haircut and a hair keratin treatment and see if that could help. They did the hair keratin treatment but the improvements were very poor.

I left my hair breath for a while, and tried to take care of it very well. All the products I have used are excellent and if it wasn’t for then today I probably would be bald.

Always Looking For Something New

A few days ago I was looking for some products and I ran into a website about hair keratin treatment reviews. There, they mentioned some keratin hair treatments that weren’t completely unknown to me, like the Coppola Keratin smoothing treatment, Brazilian Blowout, Cadiveu Keratin Treatment Cacao Brazilian Blowout, and Bella smoothing treatment.

They also mentioned one treatment I had heard about called ChocoHair Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Bionaza.

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Most of this products are sold in high amounts like 32 oz bottles and are pretty expensive. But I wanted to try one of them and do a keratin hair treatment at home, because at the salon it would had been very expensive, I just wanted 4oz.

Bionaza Keratin Hair Treatment

Looking and looking I found that Bionaza was selling a 4 oz bottle for a very fair price, so I decided to buy it.

I can’t tell you how it turns out yet because I just did today, it was pretty simple and I enjoy it. I’m pretty excited about it.

If you want to know a little more if this is a good keratin hair treatment, you will have to wait for my results in two days. There I would share with you pros and cons about Bionaza Smooth Treatment, then, we will discover how good Bionaza Keratin Hair Treatment is. Stay tuned, subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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